We want to teach the world about Tor. Can you help?

Are you a Tor trainer or interested in becoming one? Looking for resources to help your community learn the most about Tor? We've got you covered.

For some users with serious threat models, teaching Tor and other privacy tools can be risky if not done with care. If this describes your community, or if you're not sure, please contact our Community Team for more help.


Training Best Practices

Good preparation is essential to an effective and safe training, so we've curated some resources to help you make the most of your training event.

Training Checklist

Based on our best practices, we have a checklist to help you prepare to conduct your training.

Training Resources

Do you teach your community about using Tor? These resources are for you.

Digital Security Guides

A set of short guides on topics related to Tor and digital security more broadly, to share during trainings or for personal learning.

Code of Conduct for Trainers

Foster a safe, engaging environment.

Tor Training FAQ

People who are new to the Tor project, quite often, ask similar questions, and we can help you prepare for these questions.


Things you should be aware of before running a digital security training.


Since 2018, we have formed parterships with the following organizations.

Join the Community

Are you interested in inviting someone from Tor to train your group? While we receive a high volume of training requests and may not be able to offer an in-person training, we may still be able to help. Contact the community team and let's talk.

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